SERIES: Consistency Creates Champions
SPEAKER: Pastor Ray
SCRIPTURE: 2 Samuel 23:9-10
SHARE: #StayStrongMC 



1. Pastor Ray shared a story of a track runner; midway through the race, he became tired and didn’t run as well as he did in practice. He was filled with discouragement when he saw how far behind he was and couldn’t catch up. He lost the race. 

  • He started strong
  • He finished strong
  • BUT He didn’t stay strong….He lacked consistency.
  • Discuss how you can relate to the runner in this race?
  • Share with the group where you are lacking consistency in your life? 
  • What has lack of consistency cost you in certain areas of your life?

2. Are you sacrificing one area of your life for another? 

For example, are you consistent at work with your co-workers? Do they know what to expect from you; yet at home, you are barely present even when you are physically present. Share with the group an area that you need God’s help to keep you consistent.

3. What does the statement “life is a race, not a sprint, it’s a marathon” mean in your own life?

4. The meaning of “Champion” is a person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition. 

  • Where do you want to be a champion in your own life? 
  • Would you be willing to do whatever it takes to get there?

5. In 2 Samuel 23:9-10, Eleazar and David stand together against the Philistine army when their own army fled. Eleazar killed the Philistines with his sword until his own arm was too tired to lift it anymore. The Lord gave him victory over his enemies! Eleazar never stopped fighting. See, the fight wasn’t about him, it was about the Lord getting all the glory for the victory. 

  • What is your “why”?
  • What can you learn from Eleazar?

NEXT STEPS: The victory belongs to those who stay strong and to start strong, you need to know your “why”.

  • Take the time to answer these questions:

    • Where do you want to be a champion?
    • Name your “why”
    • Prove it!
    • Prioritize it!
    • Schedule it!
    • Learn about it!
    • Put energy into it!
    • Repeat! (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

PRAYER AND PRAISES: Share prayer requests and praises from the week before! 

Let Us Pray: Dear Jesus, You are holy above all others and you are all the strength we need! You are awesome and mighty and worthy of all praise. Thank You for Your grace and mercy and love. Lord, give us the desire to stay in the race and the stamina and endurance to stay strong. fill us with Your joy and reveal the areas where we need to fight more like champions. Help us to love You more and to be a light to those around us. Continue to bring us closer as a group and to help us let down any walls that are keeping others out. We love you and praise you, In Jesus name, Amen