SERIES: Crazy Like Us: A Way Of Living
SPEAKER: Pastor Tim
SCRIPTURE: Acts 20:35


Everyone gives something somewhere. But that masks the fact that most of us aren’t generous. That sounds counterintuitive, but there’s a difference between random acts of giving and true generosity. The good news is, it’s possible to learn how to be generous.


1. Do you consider yourself generous? Why or why not? 

2. What are some reasons we hesitate to give to those in need even though we have more than we need? Why do you think so few people are truly generous? 

3. During the message, three myths were described about generosity: generosity is spontaneous; generosity is driven by cash flow; it’s the amount that counts; and only rich people are generous. Which of these myths have you believed in the past? How did that belief affect your generosity? 

4. Read Acts 20:35. Is it difficult for you to believe that happiness is ordered around giving rather than receiving? Why or why not? 

5. During the message, generosity was defined as “the premeditated, calculated, designated, emancipation of personal financial assets.” Respond to that definition. Do you agree? Why or why not? 

6. When you think about being generous, what negative emotions does it stir? Why do you think you feel that way? What would it take for you to overcome those emotions? 


Imagine you had a checking account with all of the money you’ve wasted, gambled away, or invested in a crazy, get-rich-quick stock. Imagine you had a checking account with all of the money you’ve wasted on bad habits, a second mortgage, or credit card interest. What if you had all of that money back? What if you had to give it away over the course of a year? Wouldn’t that be fun? Wouldn’t that give you joy?


Ask attendees to share any prayer requests they have. Record any notes or prayer requests to pray for them during the week.