SERIES: Open Doors
SPEAKER: Dr. Mark Hausfield
SCRIPTURE: Revelation 3:7,8, & 13
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THE LAUNCHING POINT: What He opens, no one can close; and what He closes, no one can open.


  1. Dr. Mark Hausfield shared his passion for leading Muslims to Jesus and seeing generations change their beliefs to Jesus Christ.  He encouraged us, as the Church, to change our outlook and opinion on Muslims as well.
  • Discuss:  When you think of Muslims, what images cross your mind?
  • Do you have a hate for them because of how they are portrayed through social outlets?

2. While he was preaching in the U.S, Dr. Mark’s church in Pakistan was bombed by two terrorists that threw grenades into the crowd and one terrorist that had on a suicide vest. Four people lost their lives that day and eighty-five others were critically injured. While packing his bags to fly out immediately, he felt anger and disgust for the terrorist.  Immediately, the Holy Spirit reminded him that Jesus died for those terrorists as well.

  • What is your initial response to hearing this: anger, disgust, disdain, bitterness?

  • How do you need God to renew your heart for you to love others unlike you?

Here are a couple of the miraculous stories shared that shows beyond doubt that God is moving in the Muslim nations.

Story #1
Cyrus and Miriam have a beautiful little girl named Golnoush meaning “beautiful flower”.  When Golnoush was born, the doctor noticed something was wrong in her appearance. The doctor then put her through a series of scans and found four holes in her little heart. After four surgeries and numerous consultations with various doctor's they lost hope after hearing she did not have a chance of survival and to prepare for her death since the holes were still present. Miriam’s sister suggested that they go to a church near Tehran University that was known for healing people. Golnoush’s parents desperately took Golnoush to this church where the pastor laid hands on her and prayed complete healing.  After going to a routine follow up appointment, the doctor said, “the machine must be broken”. They did scan after scan and the result was the same. The machine was not broken…Golnoush’s heart was healed! She no longer had four holes in her heart! Through Golnoush’s story her mother, father, aunt, and all her doctors accepted Jesus through witnessing this miracle. Cyrus and Miriam are now church planters to others just like them.

  • How does this story challenge your faith to believe God for more? 
  • Share with the group any miracles or answers to prayer you personally have witnessed.

Story #2
Nassim was a Muslim woman searching to experience the presence of god. Nassim tried many ways to achieve this goal: clothing every inch of her body, besides her eyes; learning a new language to read the Koran, and praying more than the traditional Muslim five times a day prayer call. Nassim never one time achieved what she had hoped for ~ experiencing god.  Her final attempt to experience god was to commit suicide where she would be judged but at least she could see god. Nassim decided after work she would jump off her apartment rooftop at exactly 11:00 pm.  As she went to jump, her phone rang with an unknown caller.  Deciding to answer the call she noticed the battery had 1% left at exactly 11:00 pm. When she answered, Nassim heard a man’s voice say “Don’t kill yourself; God has a plan for your life”. This conversation with the unknown man lasted for 7 hours until 6:00 am. Nassim noticed she still had 1% battery left on her phone. When she went back to her apartment her sister called and ask how she was doing. God had placed Nassim on her sister's heart to pray for her the past several hours. Sharing what had happened on the rooftop. Her sister, who was a Jesus follower told her to find a church so she could talk to someone immediately. On her daily routine walk, Nassim saw a man coming straight toward her (which is extremely unusual in the Muslim culture).  This man handed Nassim a book in his hands which was a Bible. Opening the Bible the first words she read were “I am the way, the truth and the life…no man comes to the Father but through me”…

  • What does this story tell you about God? In what way has God pursued you? Discuss with the group.
  • How does this story create a sense of urgency for you to share your story with others? Share with the group.

NEXT STEPS: Read the scripture Revelation 3:7,8 and 13.

  • Through the scripture what is the Holy Spirit saying to you?


Let Us Pray: Dear Lord, Thank You for reminding us that You died for everyone and you use us to share the Gospel through the open doors you give us.  Please guide us to the open doors that You want us to walk through. Remind us that we are missionaries right here in our own community Help us to draw closer to You every day.  In Jesus name, Amen.