Tell your STORY

Whether you grew up in church or didn't even know where the nearest one was, there's a place for you at Momentum. Simply come as you are and bring your baggage with you. After all, we're following Jesus, the one who said to lay all of our burdens at His feet. We're thankful that His grace and mercy is offered to every single one of us. 

If you have encouragement or a story of life change you would like to send to us, please use the form below to share what God has done in your life. No story is too small or big for God to use as an impact in someone else's life! We all have God-sized stories!


Mike & Amber - Fasting

Hannah Moody - Healing

Elizabeth - Community Group

Ben & Melanie Jacobs - Tithing

Courtney - Community Group

Christina - church experience

Donahue Family - Tithing

Molly & RJ - Infertility

Kevin & Michelle - Generosity

Chelsea - Serving the community

Stephanie - Community Group

Kim - Celebrate Recovery