Congratulations on making one of the best decisions of your life by choosing to be baptized. It is our privilege to be a part of your journey and walk with Jesus. Many of you are getting ready for the event that will take place on Sunday, and I want to assure you that we will have people guiding you the entire day. Below is a detailed list of how the gatherings are done and answers to frequently asked questions.

When do I show up?

At both campuses, please show up 30 minutes before the gathering starts (8:30 or 10:30a - GB // 8:45 or 10:45a - NV). When you arrive, please register at the check-in station with the blue tablecloth & the sign that says “Baptism Check-In”. This is where you'll receive your baptism shirt and name tag. Any volunteer in a blue shirt can show you the way. Let us know which gathering you're attending.

What do I wear?

  • Ladies, please wear a dark-colored tank top underneath the clothes you arrive come in.

  • Everyone, please wear dark shorts/pants to be baptized in.

  • Please change into the baptism shirt you receive when you check in.

  • Place the name tag on the back left of your shirt, and the pastor will remove the name tag prior to baptizing you (this is so the residue from the name tag and the ink from your name does not get on your baptism shirt).

  • Please remember to bring a complete change of clothes (undergarments, as well) and a towel with you to wear after baptisms.

  • We have black bags for you to put your wet clothing in after you are baptized.

What's the process of the gathering?

When you arrive, you'll register, then head to the bathrooms to change into your baptism shirt, and you'll be escorted to the auditorium to walk through a rehearsal of the day.


My family is coming to celebrate the baptisms, can they sit with us?

We want to honor your family by giving them a front-row seat so they can take photos and experience the moment with you. We have reserved seating in the back of the auditorium only for those who are getting baptized.

I have questions about baptisms. Whom can I speak to?

Our prayer team, campus leaders, and many volunteers will be there to assist you in all questions you may have about baptisms, and I would love to have the privilege to answer any questions you may have prior to Sunday.

I have someone else who would like to get baptized with me. Can they get baptized, too?

Yes.  They can sign up here, or just show up on Sunday, and we will be happy to help them!

When am I going to be baptized?

We will baptize everyone after Pastor Tim gives the invitation for people to follow Jesus. We will sing a song, “Forgiven,” then baptisms will begin once the song finishes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact