• Catalyst Conference (map)
  • Atlanta, GA

We are hardwired for wonder.

Just as the wonder of the world points to God, a sight unseen, so too should our acts of creation bridge the gap between what is and what could be. We transfer wonder when we awaken it in others. Leadership is about providing a lens through which others can see. A heart awakened to wonder invites others to follow in its path. It connects ultimate existence to daily experience, helping others see the solutions, rewards, treasures, they previously could not see.

Wonder invites potential. Wonder provides vision. Wonder inspires. Wonder leads us to God. It’s time to awaken the wonder.

Join us as we take our teams to Catalyst in Atlanta on Oct 7-9! Learn from some of the best leaders, speakers and authors in the world as you come back with valuable resources to grow in your leadership. Itinerary and details coming soon. Interest needs to be expressed by this Wednesday at Vision Night to attend. The cost is $305 and includes hotel and conference ticket. Learn more about Catalyst at catalystatlanta.com