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You Don’t Have to Have All the Answers

We believe that life change happens best within the context of community, when people are experiencing authentic relationships with like-minded people, seeking the same goal. Community Groups provide people with the opportunity to connect with others, grow in their relationship with Jesus and experience the love, support, and intentionality of community. Our Community Group Facilitator are responsible for providing their groups with vision and support while extending hospitality to all group members. They primarily serve as shepherds by guiding group discussion and overseeing the group, while taking the time to personally connect with each member.

You were not designed to walk through life alone. Whether you are going through ups or downs, life is always better when you are connected. You can help with that connection by facilitating a Community Group! You don't have to be a Bible scholar, seminary graduate or theologian to facilitate a group.

It’s easy to think you’re not qualified to facilitate. But we believe God has placed people in your life that only you have the ability to encourage. Step into facilitating today and challenge what you think you’re capable of.

3 Steps to Start Your Group


1 - Apply to Facilitate a Community Group

We're excited that you're interested in facilitating a Community Group at Momentum. We have a step-by-step application process for all Facilitators. The first step of this process is to fill out the application below. Once we receive and review your application, we will contact you. 


2 - Attend Momentum 101

This session as an introduction to Momentum and prepares you to facilitate your first Community Group and join a Serve Team.


3 - Get Started with Facilitating Your Group

Invite people to be a part of your Community Group, download your resources, and get excited to facilitate your first Community Group!

what some of our facilitators have experienced

Elizabeth Bueke

Jamie Swanner

Kris & Shawn Perdue

Since our Community Group Facilitators play such an important role, we take great care when enlisting them. Please read through the information below to better understand the role of a facilitator, qualifications, and expectations. If you are interested in facilitating a Community Group, please follow the instructions below to complete the Group Facilitator Application. Once we receive your application, we will contact you for an interview. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kristen Pesce, Community Groups Coordinator.


Community Group Facilitators are responsible for providing their groups with vision, direction, and support while consistently providing an environment that is inviting and safe to encourage openness and transparency within the group. Facilitators are successful when they are personally growing in their relationship with God, attending church gatherings regularly, and actively inviting others and are facilitating their groups in such a way as to encourage the group members’ growth in these same areas. Community Group Facilitators are supported by a Momentum Church Community Groups leadership team member with initial training and continuous coaching throughout their role as a Facilitator.


G.R.O.W.T.H. Structure

Generous Living as you lead the way in irrational generosity, because generosity generates goodness.

Regular Connection as you value the power of community, because life is better together.

Oneness in Worship as you want to be known for what your for, because you champion unity.

Wise Teaching because it’s all about Jesus and hope has a name.

Tenacious Prayer because some things only come by prayer and fasting, because you’ve experienced the miracles. 

Holy Spirit Power as you bring the weather, because your attitudes set the temperature. 



  • Have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Recognize the Bible as God's word to all men and the supreme source of truth for Christian beliefs and living.

  • Have the time, emotional capacity, and moral discernment to facilitate a group

  • Be a consistent attendee at Momentum Church



  • Lead the group by facilitating the group meeting, monitoring its health and duration, and promoting participation among group members

  • Commit to engage and utilize leadership resources and coaching provided by Momentum Church, including staying in regular contact with your Groups Director or Coach

  • Additional expectations to be discussed during interview