Community Groups CALENDAR

Fall Semester

Aug 11 - Groups Launch

Sep 15 - Groups Close

Dec 16 - Groups End

Find the Right Group For You

Life is not meant to be lived alone. In fact, God hates loneliness. You were created to experience life with other people, and that’s why at Momentum, we encourage you to get into a community group.

A community group is a group of three or more people who gather each week in a home, workplace, or online. In a group you’ll hang out, study the Word, and pray together.

Groups come in all shapes and sizes — marrieds, singles, men, women, with kids, no kids, 20 year olds, 60 year olds, mixed ages, at homes, in the workplace — the list goes on. No matter where you are in life, there’s a group for you.


1 - Click “Explore Groups”

Search the Groups Listing or filter the results by location, day, time, etc.

2 - Select Your Group

Choose from a variety of options from location, interest, and schedule to find the group that’s just right for you. Click anywhere on the group for a dropdown with more details.

3 - Email Facilitator

Click "Email Leader" and a Community Group facilitator will contact you shortly with more details

(As you email facilitators, we recommend you sign up for no more than one community group per demographic.)

Need help deciding on a group?

Fill out an interest form based on where you live and receive information on groups in your surrounding area.