Getting started

Our Code & Facilitator Covenant

The Code is our core set of values and sets the tone and trajectory of how we get things done. If the mission is the compass, this is the map that guides us along the course.

As a Community Groups ministry, it is our goal that you recognize and appreciate the weight of being a Community Group Facilitator at Momentum Church. We hold our leaders to a high level of accountability and responsibility. We want to come alongside you as a Community Group Facilitator and help you in your development both as a Jesus follower and as a leader within the house.

The eight Leader Essentials

Over the years, we have discovered several key essentials to creating the optimum group environment for God to work in. The essentials are not a checklist for your development as a Facilitator. They're gauges you should monitor throughout your leadership, regardless of how long you have been leading groups. This training is actually 8 individual trainings. The first video will give you a basic overview of the essentials and how best to implement them into your leadership.  

Each of the video trainings that follow is 2 to 5 minutes long and covers one of the Leader Essentials. The trainings also include follow-up questions and practical advice to help you implement the essential in your group leadership. 

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