Firecracker 5K Race

Thank you for signing up to volunteer at the Firecracker 5K Race!  The time you will need to arrive is by 4:45a, and Krystal Howell mentioned the following details in her email to me regarding this event:
"Seville Quarter Downtown
There will be a table set up outside on the corner across from Seville and it will be decorated with Balloons….sign-in sheets, assignments and t-shirts will be at that location."

If you have specific questions regarding the event, please contact Krystal Howell at either or 850.477.2273.

Please take some photos and use the hashtag #ForPensacola and #LoveMonthMC when you post on social media.



Kayak Fishing Tournament

We are so excited that we have the opportunity to serve the fisherman who will be participating in the Kayak Fishing Tournament this year.  You can read more details about the event here:

Here's the address that you'll be heading to:

Shoreline Park
709 Shoreline Drive
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

Please arrive by 2pm; we are serving during the "Weigh-Ins" which are scheduled from 3-5p.  Since we aren't cooking on site this year, we don't need to be there as early as we have in the past.  Doug Jolly is heading the cooking.  Please be willing to help wherever is needed!

Please wear your red "For Navarre, Gulf Breeze, and/or Pensacola" shirts.  Use the hashtags #ForPensacola #ForGulfBreeze and #LoveMonthMC while you're posting on social media.  Also, let's blow it up with Facebook Lives, posts, Instagram stories, etc...



Trash Bash

Thank you for signing up to serve at the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center!  If you are bringing anyone with you, let me know ahead of time so I can get an accurate headcount, please.

I am so excited to announce that we will be participating in Navarre Beach's Sea Turtle Conservation Trash Bash on Saturday, June 30 from 8a-12p!

The set up will be in the parking lot between the Flounder and Sea Gull pavilions (east of the pier; see picture from the attachment) from 8a-12p.  Nicole Stephens (volunteer coordinator) will have gloves, hand sanitizer and garbage bags.  She will also have buckets, but they're first come first served, and the conservation center asks that you tally the trash that you pick up so they can send it to the Marine Science Center.

Please wear your red Love Month shirts!  Use the hashtag #ForNavarre and put it all over social media!  We want to celebrate what's happening this month in the community.  Also, you can text or email me all pictures so we can use them on social media with the church.




Refuge for Women

We will be blessing the women that are a part of the Refuge for Women in Pensacola.

Refuge for Women is a non-profit, faith based organization providing specialized long-term care for women who have escaped human trafficking or sexual exploitation. With multiple locations across the U.S., Refuge for Women offers up to twelve months of safe housing, at no charge to the resident, with around the clock care as clients progress through evidence-based, trauma-informed programming. The compassionate staff is trained to help residents work through the program to reclaim their identities and reach their goals to overcome addictions, heal from trauma and develop life skills leading to healthy, balanced living and financial independence. Refuge for Women strives to help each woman complete the program with a vision for her future, equipped to succeed and sustain a life marked with dignity and hope.

Read more here!



Pensacola Humane Society

Thank you for signing up to serve at the Pensacola Humane Society.  If you are bringing anyone with you, I need to know ahead of time, please.  Please fill out a volunteer form and bring it with you (no fee required, sent via email).  Kids are welcome - but they'll need to fill out a volunteer form with a parent signature.

The address is 5 N Q Street Pensacola, FL 32505.  The volunteer coordinator's name is Emily Shelton.  She will be there that day to guide you.  We currently have 5 people signed up to serve. 

The duties that would need to be done are cleaning the animals' homes, various other things around the shelter, and then we will get the opportunity to play with the cats and dogs. :)

Please make a note to wear your red shirt "For Navarre, Pensacola, or Gulf Breeze".  Do a Facebook Live if you'd like, and use the hashtag #ForPensacola.  You can post all of your pictures on social media with that hashtag, and you can also send them to me via email.  We are so excited that you're going to serve.

Thank you for serving! If you have any questions, please email, text or call me.



Chelsea Perry/Project Manager/Finance Assistant




Bob Hope Village

We will be heading to the biggest military retirement community in the world to serve them for Love Month.

We will be doing anything from landscaping to cleaning.



Love Week Meals

At each of the listed times and locations, we will have Papa Johns deliver pizzas, drinks, plates, cups, and napkins to the businesses that have blessed us!

We will show up, wear our Love Month shirts, and snap a photo with the business.

Our role that day is to connect with local business owners and invite them to church!



Manna Food Bank

We are excited that you will be joining us to volunteer at Manna Food Bank!

Please remember that everyone who volunteers is REQUIRED to wear closed-toed shoes. Also, if anyone is under the age of 18 they must of a minor release form signed before they can volunteer.  Please bring it with you.  The minimum age is 12; if you have any children who are younger, please notify Miranda Melvin ( at your earliest convenience.

Activities include sorting food, replenishing our barrels, and anything else needed to get done for daily operations.

The address is 116 E Gonzalez St, Pensacola, FL 32501. When you arrive, park in the empty lot next to First City Art Center and walk across the street to the construction trailers. Annie Gray or Miranda Melvin (volunteer coordinator) will be outside to greet you.

Friendly reminder: wear your red shirts, take lots of pictures, and please let me know ahead of time if you will be bringing someone with you. Everyone needs to be registered.



Mr. Robbins' Neighborhood


Your contact for the organization: Jayde - or via phone at 917-423-5360.

Thank you so much for the members of Momentum Church who will be volunteering at Mr. Robbins' Neighborhood Football Camp. We are so grateful in advance for any time given by the members of the church. As promised, here are the details for you to share with any interested in volunteering. 

The Game Plan will be held from Wednesday, June 13th to Friday, June 15th at Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze, FL. It is a very intensive camp that starts at 8 am for the students all three days and concludes at 7:30 pm on Wednesday and 6:30 pm on Thursday and Friday.

The responsibilities will include helping get sessions set up, distributing tools to the youth, and joining the youth in their activities as well as some general assembly of camp material. 

We greatly appreciate your consideration of lending your time to Mr. Robbins Neighborhood. We cannot put on this camp without our wonderful volunteers and are so grateful for all of the time that you are able to give this year. 

Additionally, here is the link to the registration if you know of any high school football players who may benefit from attending this camp.



Pensacola Habitat for Humanity

This event is on June 9, from 8a-3p.  It would be no problem for some volunteers to leave early however, we do require that everyone is there at 8a to check in for the safety briefing and to go over the plans for the day. 
You will need to bring a lunch and a water bottle and make sure to wear close-toed shoes and wear something you don’t mind getting a bit dirty in.  Kevin Thomas (groups coordinator with Habitat) will let you know the address of the location the week of the event. 

Everyone 18 and older must fill out the release form found here ( and bring it with you the day of service.  If you intend to bring a teen with you between the ages of 14-18, please fill out this form:

We want to do Facebook Lives, Instagram stories, Facebook stories; you name it.  Use the hashtag #ForPensacola when you're posting pictures.  Kevin Thomas, the volunteer coordinator, would also love any pictures we post so that he can repost them on their Facebook page.  You can email them to and



Gulf Breeze Blessing Bags

You will be meeting tomorrow Saturday, June 9 from 8:30-9:30a.

This event will be specifically making the bags (not delivering them yet) so we can keep them in our cars as we're driving around and find "God appointments" to drop them off.  You will meet at Misty's home (address below), bring the items you choose to bring, assemble the bags, and then take three bags with you to keep in your car.  When you're driving around independently, you will have something to give to the homeless people you see on the streets.

Each person should purchase (new) and bring one set of the following items (these are suggested, and you can modify as you wish!):

  1. 100 Bottled Waters
  2. 100 Flavored Water Packets
  3. 100 Chapsticks
  4. 100 Toothbrushes
  5. 100 Tubes of Toothpaste
  6. 200 Granola Bars/Snacks
  7. 100 Bandaid Boxes
  8. 100 Razors
  9. 100 Travel Bars of Soap

Here's the link to "take" one of these items: Simply click the link, click on "take" next to the items you wish to purchase and bring, and bring them with you on Sunday.

Please remember that each person is responsible for bringing one set of 20 items so we have enough for up to 45 people to participate.