You will be meeting tomorrow Saturday, June 9 from 8:30-9:30a.

This event will be specifically making the bags (not delivering them yet) so we can keep them in our cars as we're driving around and find "God appointments" to drop them off.  You will meet at Misty's home (address below), bring the items you choose to bring, assemble the bags, and then take three bags with you to keep in your car.  When you're driving around independently, you will have something to give to the homeless people you see on the streets.

Each person should purchase (new) and bring one set of the following items (these are suggested, and you can modify as you wish!):

  1. 100 Bottled Waters
  2. 100 Flavored Water Packets
  3. 100 Chapsticks
  4. 100 Toothbrushes
  5. 100 Tubes of Toothpaste
  6. 200 Granola Bars/Snacks
  7. 100 Bandaid Boxes
  8. 100 Razors
  9. 100 Travel Bars of Soap

Here's the link to "take" one of these items: Simply click the link, click on "take" next to the items you wish to purchase and bring, and bring them with you on Sunday.

Please remember that each person is responsible for bringing one set of 20 items so we have enough for up to 45 people to participate.