Message Series

I Love My Church

We love our church because God uses the local church to be the hands and feet of Jesus. One of the things God uses to change the world is our generosity through the local church. Explore what Jesus says about generosity, tithing and finances while being a part of something bigger than ourselves. This series sets the stage as we talk about living the blessed life with topics including Generosity Generates Goodness, Returning Your First, Multiplication, Stewardship, Child-Like Faith and Christmas for a Cause.


1 Generosity Generates Goodness

Sun, Nov 8, 2016  /  Pastor Tim Payne

2 Returning Your First (Part 1)

Sun, Nov 15, 2016  /  Pastor Tim Payne

3 Returning Your First (Part 2)

Sun, Nov 22, 2016  /  Pastor Tim Payne

4 Money Matters

Sun, Nov 29, 2016  /  Pastor Tim Payne

5 Paradigm Shift

Sun, Dec 6, 2016  /  Pastor Tim Payne

6 The Least of These

Sun, Dec 13, 2016  /  Pastor Tim Payne