Message Series

FIT: Ditch Your Inner Wimp

It's time to get fit, but we're not just talking about physical fitness. In order to live life to the fullest and how God intended, we must focus on other areas as well. Discover how you can be completely fit with topics surrounding physical, mental, relational, and spiritual health. Ditch your inner wimp!


1  Whole is the Goal

Sun, Jan 10, 2016  /  Pastor Tim Payne

2  Let's Get Physical

Sun, Jan 17, 2016  /  Pastor Tim Payne


3  Warhead

Sun, Jan 24, 2016  /  Pastor Tim Payne


5  My Big Confession

Sun, Feb 7, 2016  /  Pastor Tim Payne

4  Relationslips

Sun, Jan 31, 2016  /  Pastor Tim Payne