why ownership?

Members have rights, Owners have responsibilities. 

We offer monthly Momentum 101 sessions hosted by Pastor Tim and Stephanie where you'll explore the vision, mission and values of Momentum. This is your first step to becoming an Owner at Momentum. We’ll explain our beliefs as well as the vision, mission and values our church lives by. Also, we'll take you back through the history of our church and what God has done since we had our first Vision Cast in 2011. 

To be an Owner, we ask that you agree to the following commitments. In return, we have commitments we'll make to you as well. Ownership Commitment cards will be given in the session.


I will follow Jesus.

We will pray, encourage, and equip you along the way.


I will get baptized.

We will celebrate your decision to follow Jesus.


I will read my Bible.

We will teach you how.


I will connect in a group.

We will support you through authentic community.


I will pray and fast.

We will believe God for the impossible.


I will serve on a team.

We will help you find the right one.


I will invite.

We will create engaging environments to reach people far from God.


I will share my faith.

We will ask God for cosmic collisions.


I will bring the weather.

We will protect this House from gossip and negativity.


I will return the first through my tithe.

We promise to be wise stewards of every resource given.