driven to change the world

We believe God is doing incredible things — across the street and around the world. We are committed to reaching people far from God and it starts with local community outreach, then carries forward to global missions. Our Compassion Serve Initiatives share the love of Jesus with people in our local and global communities. Communities aren't changed by programs but by relationships developed among the people in that community. In our missions work, we build and support relationships that inspire change.

Momentum helps fight poverty, provide relief, and bring freedom to the oppressed through partnerships with local and global organizations. Contact us to learn more about our missions partners and how we are working together to show God's love to people all over the world. 

Upcoming Mission Trips

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming mission trips. Also, join the Missions Facebook Group for the latest news related to missions.

Disaster Relief Mission Trips

The hurricanes may be gone, but millions of people are facing the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. We are partnering with Samaritan's Purse to help in any way needed, so fill out the interest form below to get involved and be a part of the Disaster Relief Team. Join us in continuing to pray for all the families and communities who have been impacted. 

Mission Trip photos