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We believe baptism is the outward expression of an inward decision to put your faith in Jesus. We practice full-immersion baptism, symbolizing the death and resurrection that Jesus went through for on our behalf.

Jesus modeled this public display of faith for us 2,000 years ago and told us to do the same after inviting Him into our hearts and deciding to follow Him. This powerful symbol serves as the second step in a Christian's journey. Through water submersion, we are buried with Jesus in baptism and raised to walk a brand new life.

During our baptism celebrations, we baptize everyone wanting to take this step of obedience to publicly proclaim his or her salvation. Many people will make a spontaneous decision to be baptized during the gathering, and others will have already made the decision to be baptized that day. Learn more about baptism and take your next step.


1 taking your next step: baptism

Sun, Sep 13, 2015  /  Pastor Tim Payne